Amity Packing founders Richard E. Samuel (left) and Roger Pfiel (right) envisioning
                                            the future of our organization back in 1965.

From down the street to now across the globe

Legacy of Craftsmanship

Amity Packing Co. was founded 55 years ago. Today we are one of the premier privately owned leaders in the meat industry. Amity specializes in custom processing for National and Global customers. Our expertise is now as in the past, focused on professionally meeting our customer's beef, pork, and poultry needs.

Our Vision

Amity Packing will continue to grow as a world class global provider of protein products, meeting our sophisticated customer needs through providing outstanding products, stellar service, and uncompromising product quality and safety.

Our Mission

Amity Packing will use its resources: a skilled workforce, experienced management team, and financial resources to operate in a safe, secure, and efficient manner in supplying safe, as well as legal meat products to the global community. We will continuously refine our operating practices, treat our workforce with respect and dignity and work on reducing our environmental impact to improve the lives of our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities in which we operate. We will operate "profitably" to fairly compensate our employees and suppliers while simultaneously earning a fair return on capital.

Growing Into The Future

  • Recent Expansion and Investment in Solid Muscle Beef and Poultry Production
  • Raw, Ready to Cook (RTC) and Ready to Eat (RTE) Production
  • Specializing in Proprietary Development and Contract Manufacturing

Amity’s growth over the years necessitated a move to a larger state of the art facility in 2013

Excellence Delivered


Our products are guaranteed to meet customer requirements consistently, ensuring end user satisfaction.

Hand & Machine Crafted

With a decades-long legacy of Craftsmanship through our certified butcher program, rigorous employee training, and our culture of production floor excellence, we provide precision.


We continually create, develop and implement new product processes and services, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness while providing a competitive advantage for our clients.


Our “Make Things Happen” attitude allows us to quickly and easily adapt and change to our clients needs.


Amity's culture is built on equity and fairness when working with both internal and external stakeholders. We win when you win!

Family Oriented

Guided by our Midwestern values, we hold strongly to our unwavering belief in hard work, perseverance, delivering on our promises.